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Don’t let junk overtake your Dartmouth home or business – call the junk haulers Dartmouth trusts for excellent junk removal and disposal.

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#1 Dartmouth Junk Removal Service

Has your Dartmouth home or commercial property gone through some changes? Has junk begun to pile up? Need your junk removed in a pinch? No problem. We’re the junk removal service Dartmouth turns to for expertly-executed junk removal services.

Whether it’s just general trash that needs to be removed or something bigger and bulkier – like appliances or construction debris – we’ve got you covered. Our team of Dartmouth junk haulers are second-to-none when it comes to providing exceptional junk removal services in Dartmouth.

With a team of experts and decades of experience behind us, we’ll make quick work of any junk removal need you may have. What’s more, our Dartmouth junk removal company only conducts eco-friendly means of disposal.

If you’re ready to reclaim your space and start living junk-free once more, get in touch with us for your estimate. Your only regret will be that you didn’t call sooner!

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We Make Junk Our Business

Dartmouth Residential Junk Removal

If your Dartmouth home has recently become consumed by junk, it may be time for a professional junk removal company to step in. After all, dealing with junk on your own can be downright exhausting and overwhelming. Not to mention, it can be extremely difficult to find the time needed to haul away all of the junk.

We’re here to help. When you’ve got junk that’s just got to go, look no further than us. We specialize in residential junk removal Dartmouth residents depend on for alleviating the burden of junk. From simple items to large and bulky ones like appliances and furniture, we can make your junk removal seamless and hassle-free.

Our team understands how difficult it is to deal with junk. From hoarding situations to estate cleanouts, we’ve handled every aspect of residential junk removal in Dartmouth. If you’re ready to have a little breathing room, get in touch with us for an estimate.

General Junk & Trash Removal

From single item junk removal to large-scale residential trash removal, our home junk removal experts will help you eliminate trash from your home for good.

E-Waste Removal

Don't just throw your E-Waste in the trash. Dartmouth Junk Removal Pros specialize in E-Waste removal and eco-friendly disposal.

Electronics & Appliances

Your electronics and appliances can be hazardous to the environment. Our eco-friendly electronics and appliance removal can prevent irrepairable damage to the environment.

Furniture Removal

Nobody wants to live in a neighborhood with couches and mattresses sitting on the side of the road. We can help with your furniture removal needs and dispose of them properly.

Hoarder Clean Outs

When junk has gotten out of control, it's time to call in the helping hands you need to reclaim your space. We specialize in large-scale hoarding clean outs in Dartmouth.

Debris Removal

Whether you've gone through a remodel or need post-fire or disaster cleanup, our debris removal will help you dispose of large and bulky construction and other debris with no problem.

Junk Removal Done Right

Dartmouth Commercial Junk Removal

Don’t wait until your excess junk becomes a problem for your commercial property. Whether it’s maintaining an image or providing a safe, clean, and healthy environment for customers and employees, junk doesn’t help. You need the best commercial junk removal Dartmouth has to offer.

Our team specializes in and excels at providing high-caliber commercial junk removal Dartmouth companies rely on for excellent results. From office furniture and electronics to large industrial equipment and appliances, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

We want to help your commercial property flourish and shed itself of clutter immediately. Whether you only have a few items that need to be removed or have clutter en masse, we can get it removed today.

Don’t wait – reach out to us today for your free commercial junk removal estimate.

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Green Commercial Junk & Trash Removal

We specialize in providing eco-friendly commercial junk and trash removal. Whether you've only got a few items or a large warehouse, we've got you covered.

Commercial E-Waste & Electronics Removal

Computers, printers, scanners, phones, and more. Our commercial electronics removal will dipose of your E-Waste in an eco-friendly manner.

Commercial Appliance Removal

Break room appliances, air conditioners, industrial equipment and more. Let us help you remove and dispose of your commercial appliances.

Office Furniture Removal

Whether you've moved offices or are just updating, we're the office furniture removal service that can remove and dispose of your office furniture in a responsible green manner.

Commercial Scrap Removal

We have access to the best rated scrapyard Dartmouth has to offer. Our commercial scrap removal will help you dispose of scrap metal and other materials responsibly.

Commercial Debris Removal

Everything from construction debris, fire cleanup, storage unit clean outs, and more. Our commercial debris removal is top-rated when it comes to excellent service and results.

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How Much Does Dartmouth Junk Removal Cost?

Want to know the cost of junk removal in Dartmouth? Every situation is unique, thus junk removal pricing may vary. To get your customized junk removal pricing, get in touch with us for your free estimate. Your junk-free life is only a click away.

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Why Choose Us?

Junk Haulers Dartmouth Trusts

If you’ve got junk problems, what makes us the best choice as your Dartmouth junk haulers? If we had to sum it up, it would be with one word: quality. Our team of Dartmouth trash haulers settles for nothing less than high-quality service, customer experience, and results.

With a team of dedicated professionals, we take your Dartmouth junk removal needs seriously, regardless of the amount you have. Our team strives to help residents and businesses of Dartmouth rid themselves of junk’s burden and reclaim a clutter-free environment.

When you choose us, you’re making the decision that quality matters. You won’t settle for less – you need the best junk removal Dartmouth has to offer. That’s exactly what you get when you choose us as your junk removal professionals.

Why wait? We can help you rid yourself of junk today. Simply give us a call then kick back and let us handle the dirty work.

#1 Junk Haulers in Dartmouth

We're junk haulers by trade but we're problem-solvers at heart. If your junk has become a problem, our junk collectors are the solution. We put your needs first. Nobody cares as much about your junk removal needs as we do, guaranteed.

Fair Dartmouth Junk Removal Prices

The cost of junk removal shouldn't be mysterious. Our team are experts when it comes to assessing your junk removal needs and providing a junk removal price that's fair and up-front. No hidden fees, no headaches. Only pure 100% customer service.

Dartmouth Junk Hauling Experts

You deserve better than just a couple of guys who haul junk. You need junk hauling experts that can seamlessly remove trash and give you back your breathing room. Our team is comprised of junk hauling experts with decades of experience to back us up.

What Our Customers Say

Our Customer Reviews

We can go on all day long about how our Dartmouth junk collectors are excellent at what they do. On the other hand, why take it from us? Take a look at what some of our local customers have to say about our Dartmouth junk removal service. At the end of the day, garbage collection isn’t our passion — providing outstanding customer service with a personal touch is.

Steven D. Dartmouth NS

We had a family member pass and the home was in shambles. Everywhere you looked there were just piles of garbage, boxes, and more. It was a bad hoarding situation. We felt like we were drowning in the trash and it seemed impossible to get it cleaned up. Thankfully, we found Halifax Junk Removal Pros. They came over and gave us a great estimate. Even better, they got the junk completely removed in no time. They’re absolute life-savers.

Sandra H. Dartmouth NS

Halifax Junk Removal Pros are great at what they do. We did a remodel of our home. When we were planning it out, we noticed that we had way too many big bulky items that just weren’t worth keeping. We didn’t know how to handle it so I looked for junk removal near me and came across them. They provided an A+ service and were very friendly and accommodating. I can’t recommend them enough.

Peter N Dartmouth NS

I tried a few junk collectors in the past. Everyone from Got Junk Halifax to Junk Works Halifax. This time was different, though. I reached out to Halifax Junk Removal Pros for help with our shop. We had tons of tools and equipment that just weren’t viable anymore and needed a proper green way to dispose of them. They got it handled without even breaking a sweat! They definitely deliver what they say they will.

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Got junk, Dartmouth? No problem. We’re the best-rated junk removal company Dartmouth has to offer. Whether you’ve only got a few items or have heaping mounds of junk that need to be removed, we make the entire process easy.

Whether you want a junk removal price or just have a general question, we encourage you to reach out to us. The best way to get ahold of us is via phone but we also accept online inquiries. What’s more, we have several neighboring locations. Be sure to check our locations page to find your area. If you don’t see your location listed, reach out and contact us, chances are we’ll be able to help.

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